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Yvonne Mac Pherson, country director of the BBC World Service Trust (which the Gates foundation funded), sums it up best when she said to The Associated Press: "A ring tone is a very public thing.

Here are five novel campaigns launched by nonprofit organizations and condom companies to encourage wider use. A ring tone to remember In India, people stigmatize condoms and refuse to wear them because they believe only prostitutes must use prophylactics.

Emojis are a critical communication tool for the 18-25 target audience for this campaign, with 80% of people surveyed by 3GEM in the U. saying they find it easier to express themselves using visual representations of words.

More than half of the people surveyed said they use emojis when discussing sex, while 84% of respondents said they feel more comfortable talking about sex using emojis.

It's not surprising that a condom company would resort to scare tactics.

The Tulipan Company launched its "Be Careful" ads in Argentina.

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This animated video explains the transplant waiting list, how someone becomes a donor, the process of matching organs, and signing up to share the gift of life.