Dating websites based on astrological signs

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Dating websites based on astrological signs

But for layman, these create a lot of confusion and doubt over relevance of Vedas.

While I would shy away from thrusting my personal faith on Vedas, I would like to provide some excerpts from Vedas that provide clues to deep scientific concepts hidden within them.

Yes I am referring to Islamic and Christian evangelists.

These include communist historians propelled by commentaries on Vedas by western indologists like Max Muller, Griffith et al and a new breed of intellectuals who initiate all research with assumption that ‘old means defective’.You can refer to original mantras at OF EARTH Rig Veda In this mantra, Savita = Sun Yantraih = through reins Prithiveem = Earth Aramnaat = Ties Dyaam Andahat = Other planets in sky as well Atoorte = Unbreakable Baddham = Holds Ashwam Iv Adhukshat = Like horses GRAVITATIONAL FORCE Rig Veda 8.12.28 “O Indra!by putting forth your mighty rays, which possess the qualities of gravitation and attraction-illumination and motion – keep up the entire universe in order through the Power of your attraction.” “SCIENCE OF BUILDING SHIPS AND AIRPLANES” Swami Dayanand has detailed Mantras regarding these in his Vedic commentary and Introduction to Vedas” (1876).We claim these are indian discoveries Scientific And Technological Heritage FOR AGNIVEER LECTURE AND PRESENTATION ON SCIENCE IN VEDAS, VISIT By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings.We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape.

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The scientists of IISc concluded that the mechanism of airplane as suggested by Dayanand is feasible.

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