Alistair dating game

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Alistair dating game

It also has a weekly scheduler that helps you plan out your weeks so that you get some time to spend with your love.Roommates is about two girls, which you have to choose from.The owners get killed in an accident, leaving behind their only daughter to take over it.The girl spots a country singer and sees a great potential in him, and decides to sign him up for 'Star Project'.

Based on popular Japanese dating games, it has a number of romantic stories and events that are scripted for the players.This game offers a mix of dating and decision-making skills.The game is about a girl, Amy, who has to decide between choosing to stay or move on in life without her boyfriend, Aaron, who suffers a memory loss after a terrible car accident.You have to help the boy achieve good heights, put up good shows, manage his tours, and many more. It is another decision-making game that involves creating a lifestyle of your own, and deciding your own career and wedding.This game allows you to choose between a human, demon, or an elf, each offering different characters and experiences.

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Since it is age-appropriate, parents of young teenagers don't need to keep a check on their kids constantly.